100 Pets

100 Pets began life as a solo project by Brighton-based vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Sam Dook (also of alt.guitar-tuning chime unit, Lure Luxx, and latterly, The Go! Team), but soon evolved into a four-piece ensemble, with the addition of Simon Janes on cello, David Ewan Campbell on drums, and Andrew Clare (later replaced by Jussi Brightmore) on guitar. Influenced by the likes of Will Oldham and Nick Drake, comparisons have also been drawn with Galaxie 500, Low and Robert Wyatt. Previously they've released a split single, Wise Old Cat, on the Awkward Silence label. Another 100 Pets 7" is planned for release on Becalmed Records in the autumn.

Recording of their debut album began in the winter of 1999, in a flat above a Brighton funeral parlour, using pea-sized mics and a 4 track porta-studio, safe in the knowledge that the only neighbours to be disturbed were less than likely to complain. Despite the setting, 'Easter Songs' is far from morbid: melancholy at times, perhaps, but overall an optimistic sentiment is firmly rooted in the uplifting melodies. The album features fragile acoustic arrangements, alt-country tinged shanty pop, guitar chimes and twinkles of travel collage, all sewn together into digestible songs ripe for the listening pleasure.

'Easter Songs' was released on Pickled Egg in 2001, in conjuction with Rewika Records of Germany. 100 Pets have also released 7" singles on the Awkward Silence and Becalmed labels. After taking time out to persue a carrer as a music teacher, Sam has begun recording tracks for a follow-up album.


'Easter Songs' LP
(Pickled Egg Egg 32LP)

Debut LP from Brighton's 100 Pets. An English take on the Palace Bros, perhaps? Echoes, too, of Robert Wyatt and Nick Drake.

"Easter Songs is the latest in a line of records that teleport in from a world in which Brian Wilson rents out the lock-up garage where Pet Sounds was recorded. When Pickled Egg bands turn up, he sprinkles them with his genius dust and then sits behind his piano smiling while they get on with it. 100 Pets recorded ten tracks of low drama with the exceptional clarity of a Steve Albini production and the impression that this is the ghost of a Galaxie 500 record. Brian Wilson just smiled" [Robots and Electronic Brains]

"Wise Old Cat demonstrates the beauty of Brighton-based Sam Dook's delightful acoustic arrangements, but with a rousing twist towards the end of the track. Already likened to Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and, most notably, Nick Drake, this first 100 Pets release is a simple but timeless composition" [Feedback Monitor]

'Far From Home' (MP3)
'Mountain Cheer' (MP3)
'Further Away' (MP3)
'Blind to the Guides' (MP3)

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