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Chicago's Chandeliers create uplifting, psychedelic, shimmering music using vintage synths, drum machines, MPCs, and traditional rock instruments. The band was formed around an interest in one another's record collections, which continues to influence their brand of unconventional dance music. The recordings thus far traverse the musical map and run through an array of styles derived from listening to a lot of 80s Soul, 90s Techno, Electro, Boogie, Italo Disco, Film+Library Music, Early Electronic, Krautrock, Soul, New Wave, Psych, and more.


Dirty Moves CD
(Pickled Egg Records, Egg77CD)

"Selected from a backlog of practice tapes that span the group’s four-year history, Dirty Moves not only charts the band’s evolution, but also displays their stunning artistic flexibility. Over the course of 33 tracks, we hear Chandeliers digging deep into groove mode, all the while engaging in the sort of open-eared improvisational interplay that fuels the band’s music, as melodic motifs get bounced around and the beat gets taken in unexpected and delightful directions. Over the course of 33 tracks, the group snakes all over the musical map and brilliantly runs through a diverse array of styles. From middle eastern synth-pop to Congotronic clatter, electro and 21st century techno-funk, plus a few slips in cinematic mode and a couple of brief sojourns into celestial realms" [Graham Sanford]

"Electronic fruitiness, flizz and glitch, clang and bleep, repetitive sunshine and instrumental electronica: Dirty Moves is alive with dirty flizz and buzzing fizz, flowing electronica, tunes that go all over the place, never obvious and rather unlike anything these ears have heard before. The pieces are almost like sound bites, sketches, work in progress, no time to resolve how they start or end, kind of works as one piece jumps to the next piece and it all becomes one wholesome flowing whole of thirty-three short interlocking. Post drum’n bass rhythmic adventure, experimental flow, almost glitching, not that obvious though, this is made by an imagination that knows there’s been too much glitching now and it all needs to flow somewhere new and a way that’s just a little different" [Organ Magazine]

'Yaqona' (MP3)
'In the Octagon' (MP3)
'Street Talk' (MP3)

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UK: £10.00

EU: €15.00

US: $18.00

The Thrush CD
(Pickled Egg Records, Egg71CD)

The sessions for The Thrush were overseen by Bablicon's Diminisher and Blue Hawaii at the Shape Shoppe and at Mahjongg's west-side studio in Chicago. Its nine songs feature guests musicians from Bablicon, Icy Demons, and Mahjongg and includes 3 videos by filmmaker TJ Hellmuth. Believing that colour can exist in harmony with timbre, the Chandeliers pride themselves on their synaesthetic live performances: a non-stop high-energy show, augmented with dual projections of Brakhage-esqe visual rhythm. An album with the flow of a mix-tape, the Thrush is at home bangin' in your trunk or hypnotizing on your headphones

"Chandeliers use a strictly democratic form of collective improvisation to devise their music, which is best described as a kind of live-action electro. But The Thrush is so thumpingly immediate, you would never guess at any kind of committee decision making. The opening 20 seconds of Mr Electric flick between Ed Banger directness and a Kraftwerk-like neon lyricism. The remix of Body Double closes the albumin a furious hustle of Afrobeat drumming and rich Italo disco keyboards. In between, the synths mesh into arpeggios that seem as influenced by the post-punk end of the disco spectrum as Giorgio Moroder" [Sam Davies, The Wire]

"Chandeliers specialise in live action electro, using lush synths, fruity squelch bass and real-time drums to create rettro-futurist nerd-core party anthems - operating out of a parallel universe where the post seventies avant rock scene turned its back on guitars and got hip to the sweaty pulse of Giorgio Moroder instead, mining the same vein as Can's monumental grooves." [Daniel Spicer, Plan B]

"Smooth, squeaky-clean swirls of synth bounce atop glassy percussion that sounds like gamelan from a can. It's pleasing to the ear, like Kraftwerk or Eno" [Monica Kendrick, Chicago Reader]

‘The Thrush is a recording of Chandeliers’ intuitive approach to creating songs. Bassist and keyboard player Chris Kalis describes it as “very spontaneous and based on improvisations that the band randomly does,” which is evident in both the live show and, surprisingly, the record as well. I was not expecting the record, which consists of nine songs all less than four minutes save for the closer, to be such an accurate sonic representation. Given that the energy and sheer loudness are difficult to produce on tape, the album is not a bad calling card for an indescribable sound that even the band members decline to attempt: “We’ve always had a hard time describing our sound and not in a pretentious way, but just, like, it’s not contrived. We all have different tastes. Some of us are more electronically inclined, some of us more into eastern music and, obviously, 70’s Kraut Rock. German and Italian electronic music is pretty much right up our alley. When I pressed them to do my job for me, Kalis replied, “Live-played electronic music”’ [Mitchell Bandur, www.livemusicblog.com]

'Mango Tree' (MP3)
'Big League' (MP3)

Listen to The Thrush on Last.fm

UK: £10.00

EU: €15.00

US: $18.00




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