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Tom O.C Wilson, aka Freeze Puppy, is a composer and performer driven by the desire to create music that doesn't exist but should. His work ranges from experimental pop albums to concert pieces for amateur orchestras.

Tom has spent his adult life thus far doing exactly what he did in his teens: surrendering himself to whatever shapes sound could throw at him. Be it pan-generational British guitar pop from The Kinks to Blur, the alluring glitzoid bombast of Broadway musicals, songcraft standard-bearers like Scott Walker, Bacharach and his namesake Brian, Zimbabwean mbira players, celestial Sardinian folk...Wilson has approached the art of listening with a rare democracy, resolving to learn a little more every single time he opens his ears. Allying this to his own precious talent for composition, arrangement and sonic non-sequiteur, he has emerged positing a form of home-produced pop music quite unlike any other you will have heard before. With three mighty impressive progress markers already plotted in the albums ‘Mistaken Identity’ (2002), ‘Heads Or Tails’ (2003) and ‘Joyous Yelps’ (2005) (that’s to gloss over the concept album about Vladimir ‘Lolita’ Nabokov, amongst other unreleased delights...), Freeze Puppy’s path arrives at ‘Animation’ – his most coherent, deliriously addictive song cluster thus far.  


The Night Attendant CD
(Pickled Egg Records, Egg80CD)

More balanced and mature than its predecessors, The Night Attendant an album in the old-fashioned sense, conceived as a concept rather than merely a collection of songs. The album tells the story of a gallery attendant who falls asleep on duty: as he dreams, the paintings in his care start to stir, with each song bringing to life a different portrait.

The album was written for Tom’s MA in composition at the University of Southampton, and features a huge cast of musicians. The results are tuneful and unpredictable in equal measure, drawing upon the classic pop songwriting tradition (Lennon and McCartney, Brian Wilson / Van Dyke Parks), the exuberance of contemporary jazz (Denys Baptiste, John Hollenbeck) and the radical experimentalism of modern classical composition (Harry Partch, Gyorgy Ligeti).

Listen to The Night Attendant on Last.fm

UK: £10.00

EU: €15.00

US: $18.00

Animation CD
(Pickled Egg Records, Egg75CD)

"Tom Wilson, the brains behind it all, creates a world brimming with delightfully flawed characters through whom he tells his stories. It’s easy to imagine these songs, particularly Birth Of A Legend and Among The Rushes, soundtracking some classic freeze-frame children’s animation (as the album title may suggest) akin to Bagpuss or the Magic Roundabout: Something altogether strange, yet beautiful, warm and friendly" The Music Magazine

"Three years in the making and clocking in at a moreishly bite-sized 23 minutes, the title of ‘Animation’ fits in more ways than one. Early impressions suggest an almost cartoon energy to Freeze Puppy’s world and the hyperreal, often poignantly flawed characters who inhabit it through Tom’s smart and concise wordplay (guest narrators include lovelorn drink drivers, imaginary friends, abject loners and serial gamblers amongst other skewed societal misshapes...). Yet listen on, and it goes further: As songwriter, producer and lyricist, Wilson works like the consumate stop-frame animator - hunched over his songs like they were tiny audio figurines, chiselling out their strange, fleeting little lifetimes over a series of acutely poised movements, drawing breath from them through colours, textures and melodies that, given half a chance, will pitch camp in your subconscious for what may prove to be decades. At once audaciously complex and eminently digestible, ‘Animation’ is pop created within limits, existing in joyous disregard of them. The very best kind" [John Stevens]

"A masterpiece!"  [Peter Brewis, Field Music ]

Listen to Animation on Last.fm

UK: £10.00

EU: €15.00

US: $18.00



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