September 2000

Upcoming Gigs
Tues Oct 17th... Nottingham, Old Angel (Stoney Street, Hockley)
with Bablicon + Los Planetos Del Agua.
tel: 0115 950 2303 for details

Friday Oct 20th... Leeds, Brudenell Social Club (Queen's Road, Hyde Park)
with Bablicon + Big Eyes.
tel: 0113 275 2411 for details

17th August 2000

“Gigglegoo” by The Freed Unit and “Chez Lester Soundtrack” by Various Artists
Hi Folks.Just when you thought you’d probably never hear from your old pals again,The Freed Unit are back with a brand new mail order CD album.Yup,it’s called Gigglegoo.Imagine you’re feeling like crap,slumped in the gutter,when this great big hand comes out of the clouds and pushes the corners of yer mouth upwards.If you’re lucky you might even get a tickle.If you’re very lucky the hand might even pour you a glass of Gigglegoo.It’s 14 songs long.The full track listing is;The Whistling Song,Linda’s Washing Her Hair,Emmeline Angel,Run Down By An Ambulance,Over & Out!,Catch The Next Train Home,Corruption...,Maypole Syrup, Day-Glo Morning,The Charm Of Me,Did Piddy Help?,Message,The Magic Place In The Middle Of Your Face,More Greetings From Ratcliffe Culey.

And you thought that 2000 had been a quiet year for the Freeds.In February this year we started to record two albums at once! Gigglegoo is a more stripped down album.It’s mostly acoustic,but with some electronic stuff in there too.We finished this album in June this year,the other album is still only half done.Hopefully that will be finished in the next two or three months ready for release early next year.We think Gigglegoo is an album of instant classics,and so do a lot of others that have had the pleasure of a sneak preview.The songs will worm their way into your heads and you’ll be singing them for years! One writer has already commented “Album of the year?Pah! Album for any year.” We are also thinking of releasing an accompanying limited edition 7” ep or single to go with this album.If you are interested in getting hold of one of these 7” send us an SAE or email us on or keep your eyes peeled;you know how popular the Masonic Youth ep was.People have been offering us ridiculous amounts of money for this ep.....but all copies have long gone.What else have we been up to? Well let me tell you that we thought we had the Summer Of Madness last year,but this summmer has been crazy.A lot of cycling has been done too.We’ve found it’s a more healthy way to relax;especially when one gets into that trance state after 20 miles or so.....but then a rabbit usually runs into one’s path and breaks the spell.One of our friends (Maria-she’s on Gigglegoo) went Veggie after seeing some cows in a field during one of our bike rides.Yeah! Joyne Our Klubb... We’ve all got a few more scars too since we last wrote.

Chez Lester Soundtrack
For almost three long years (early 1994 to late 1996) and 71 episodes the good people of Leicester had the strange fortune of having their own soap opera....only this was no ordinary soap.Devised,written,produced,and directed by Matt and Jonathan Kerry and starring numerous friends and acquaintances from the local music scene (and further afield) anyone who let this slip through their fingers didn’t know what they were missing.Linda Steelyard played the landlady Agatha Spent who ran the Chez Lester boarding house.Jonathan Kerry,MIchael Derrick,Julie Fairgrieve,Ruth Miller,and Kevin Hewick were just some of the actors who starred as residents. Each episode ran for approximately 10 minutes,with the cast ad-libbing dialogue and songs in the scenarios which the Kerry brothers had plotted out for them.Most of the time the experiment paid off.Witness on this CD Mr.Derrick (master of the improvisational lyric) inventing “Cold Turkey” and “Death” in one take! Treasure this 24 track Compilation.A reminder of a time when people listened to Krautrock in the bath;when people ate jelly,but didn’t eat suet,and when people thought nothing of holding a ballet in their lounge!

Other News
You may recall last November when members of The Freed Unit played with umpteen other folk at the Ochre 5 all-dayer as The Serpents. Well,a compilation entitled 271199 is available now from all good record shops or from has 11 songs performed by different artists from that day plus a bonus track by The Mindwinder.The Serpents track is called KFZ.Other bands on the CD include Skyray,Infinity Chimps,The Creeping Meetball,EAR,and Glide. Lookout also for a vinyl compilation called Speakers Keep Speaking on Rocket Racer,the label that brought you the Chewingumouth ep.The vinyl is grey,and the record comes with a book of matches with the band names printed on it.The Freed Unit track is Picnic At Stretton Baskerville.We don’t have any of these for sale,so if you can’t find a copy try Norman Records ( or The Melody Bar (Flat 2/ L,1011 Cathcart Rd,Mt Florida,Glasgow G42 9XJ).

Check out the catalogue for prices and mailing details.....and keep your eyes open for Atomic Cock.
The Freed Unitxxxx

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