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Lodged somewhere in the previously undiscovered zone where Sonic Youth meets the Jackson 5, The Go! Team kick out the jams and then spread it on crumpets for tea. It’s hand-brake-turn music, it’s doing the ton, its double D-ing the clutch in a Dodge Challenger. Its goddam, mo'f**king energy.

The Go! Team live is an international six boy/girl scrimmage, featuring rock hard drum off’s between Silke from Germany and Chi from Japan, distorted campfire harmonica from Ian, car crash electric thrashings from Sam Dook, punishing bass from big, hairy Jamie Bell and joyous mc’ing from Ninja.

The group have been receiving well deserved critical praise for their recent EPs on the Memphis Industries label, who are also releasing their debut LP, ‘Thunder, Lightning, Strike’ in September. However, as always, it was Pickled Egg who got there first, releasing the debut Go! Team EP, 'Get it Together' way back in August 2000.


'Get it Together' 7" EP
(Pickled Egg Records Egg 23)

Debut release from Brighton's, The Go! Team. Last few copies, hence the increased price.

"A glorious hybrid indeed! Heavily distorted electro hip hop drums pair up with childlike tootles and warm guitar chords" [Record Collector, Single of the month]

"Banjo, theremin and recorder is hardly the most rock 'n roll of instrument roll calls, but it works a treat on these children's TV themes gone sinister. A very bright start from the band off its head on a dangerous mixture of Sunny Delight and bad aspirin...More of this please!" [Steve Hanson, Ptolemaic Terrascope]

'Get it Together!' (MP3)
'Kill The Klansmen' (MP3)

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UK: £5.00

EU: €8.50

US: $11.00



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