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A large Glaswegian ensemble with a somewhat fluid membership, Scatter create music to spite those who classify sound into genres. There’s a lot of brass instrumentation (over some fairly swinging rhythms), but you wouldn’t call them jazz; there is a proliferation of voices and acoustic instruments, though you wouldn’t call them folk; but there are flourishes of stranger sounds - electronics, vocal babbling, and odd percussion - as well as ethnic/rock leanings. At their core Scatter are a glowing ball of musical energy; the clatter of various instruments are layered to create their dialogue.


'End the Year' 7" EP
(Pickled Egg Records Egg 26)

Debut four song ep from Edinburgh's Homescience.

"Aural jewel in the crown of the ever-consistent Pickled Egg. This 4 tracker is slow to kick in, but give it time, and I promise you will wear the vinyl out. Playing the mix and match game, Homescience draw on such luminaries as the Velvet Underground, Pavement and Will Oldham, while dipping their toes into the slacker generation and the wacky variations of West Coast pop. Not a chink in the armour in any of these 4 tracks, this is thoroughly recommended" [Mark Barton, Losing Today]

'Carol K' (MP3)

UK: £3.00

EU: €5.00

US: $7.00



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