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Pickled Egg once again bring you the finest in Francophone space pop action, this time by way of Edinburgh-based le Bleu. Gorgeous Pop Music for Modern People, sung in French with Scottish accents (well apparently the singer comes from Essex, but I like to think he sounds Scottish). Blame Air! Shades of the Velvet Underground (wrap-around, of course).


'Out of... le Bleu' CD
(Pickled Egg Records Egg 25CD)

Debut album from Edinburgh space pop Francophiles. Blame Air and Stereolab. Shades of the Velvet Underground... wrap-around, of course.

"If you rounded up all the foppish Sarah bands from 1986 and told them that the real language to sing about life in was French (however tedious life in a bedsit, failing to get off with girls from the indie disco might be), then told them to tune their fucking guitars and develop an additional dimensions then, with 15 years trying, they might have ended up sounding half as good as Le Bleu" [Jimmy Possession, Robots & Electronic Brains]

'Trop Beau Pour Etre Vrai' (MP3)
'La Vie est Comme un Fleuve' (MP3)

Download Out of...Le Bleu from eMusic
Download Out of...Le Bleu from Karmadownload

UK: £10.00

EU: €15.00

US: $18.00

'Toujours La' 7"
(Pickled Egg Records Egg 15)

Debut release from Francophile Scottish popsters.

"To these ears, this wondrous piece of seamless synth pop is simply too good to pass up. 'Toujours Là' is simply magnifique: a bedroom OMD from Edinburgh singing in French with an echo-laden whistling solo" [Gayle Brogan, Boa/Melody Bar]

"Minimal arrangements dream of Brel, with guitar, electric percussion and ersatz Gallic charm wafting cafe society/bohemian aromas around like an old neglected Weekend track" [Ptolemaic Terrascope]

'Toujours La' (MP3)

UK: £3.00

EU: €5.00

US: $7.00



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