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The long wait is over, melonfans!

We recorded three new tracks in June (1997), two of which now appear on our latest single We reckon this is our best music to date (no, really!)

"Black and Blue" will be familiar to anyone who's seen us live, and "Eskimo" is a brand new Clarkson composition in the classic Melons' pop tradition. These two songs are available as a double A Side single on our own "Pickled Egg" label, cat no. Egg. Distribution is by Cargo.

If you have trouble getting it from your local branch of Woolworth's, you can order copies direct from those nice people at Pickled Egg. Just send a cheque or postal/international money order (payable to N. Turner) for 2.75 (UK), 3.25 (Europe), 3.75 (everywhere else) - all incl p & p - to:

Pickled Egg Records, 19 College Avenue, Leicester LE2 0JF, England.

We also recorded a third track, "The Big Freeze" (a track which we played on the last Mark Radcliffe session), and this appears on the new Sorted Records compilation lp, Suction Prints, which is also distributed by Cargo.


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