The Melons Discography

Fire Engine Girl (Heaven Records flexi - HV08):

"Fire Engine Girl", "A Hard Day's Rut", "Wishes"

Strictly Melonhead EP (Sunday Records - Sunday 034):

"Strictly Melonhead", "Throw Your Arms Around Me", "Doormat", "Me and Finn"

Hell To Helsinki (Damaged Goods - Damgood 79):

"Hell To Helsinki", "See If I Don't", "That Sunshine"

Fast Lane (Damaged Goods - Damgood 91):

"Fast Lane", "Little Death Wishes", "Losing It"

Black & Blue/Eskimo (Pickled Egg - Egg 1): Available Now!

"Black and Blue", "Eskimo"

BBC Radio One Mark Radcliffe session 18/5/95:

"Hell To Helsinki", "Losing It", "Throw Your Arms Around Me"

BBC Radio One Mark Radcliffe session 15/3/96:

"Fast Lane", "The Big Freeze", "Wishes"

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