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Nalle formed in the summer of 2004 and is based in Glasgow. The band features Hanna Tuulikki (vocals, kantele, flutes), Aby Vulliamy (viola) and Chris Hladowski (bouzouki, clarinet). All three group members also perform with Scatter, and Chris and Aby also play in The One Ensemble of Daniel Padden, amongst other projects.

Nalle is like a children's toy - a transition object between us and the world. Fused with magic, the haunting songs and sprawling melodies speak of our relationship with the sun, the mountains, and ravens. Through Nalle, we waver on the wobbly branch dividing light and dark, only to fall back at the last minute onto beatific harmonies and sunshine.

Nalle have some live shows coming up. Check the live page for details.


'I See a Sign Defined' 7"
(Pickled Egg Records, Egg 63)

"Glasgow's John Cavanagh (aka Phosphene) continues delving into the ranks of John Peel's Dandelion label with this new release (previously he has recorded with Lol Coxhill). Now he has connected with Dandelion's resident chanteuse, Bridget St John, for a lovely and fascinating set of tunes. On 'I See a Sign Defined', Bridget takes the lead vocal and her dark voice wraps elegantly around Cavanagh's arrangements.The flip features Glasgow trio, Nalle, singing one of Bridget's signature tunes to near communal effect. What a nice pairing" [John Dale, The Wire]

"Like uncovering a rarefied and precious heirloom from a forgotten age hidden in cobwebs, dust and shyly hiding in the shadows of an old attic, ’See a sign defined’ is a beautifully bleak baroque folk styled nugget wrapped in oddly affecting Farfisa (courtesy of Bill Wells) signatures and playfully crafted nursery room accents that hypnotically combine to numbing pastel hued grandeur. Invested with a deep sense of introspection brought about by St John’s trembling timbre, it informs an eerie spectral majesty eliciting a message of hope a bit like a less cosmically inclined and bruised on the inside Stereolab seeking solace and relocating their space age bachelor pad to the homely and cosy confines of a tumble down woodshed. Replete with dream like soft psyche undercurrents and a tingling noire-esque classicism, brought to bear by Isobel Campbell’s cello arrangements ’See a Sign Defined’ is all at once tearfully touching, tender and timeless - to be handled with care. Over on the flip the favour is repaid in kind as members of Nalle shimmy up to Cavanagh for a deliciously crooked retread of Bridget St John’s ’Ask Me No Questions’. A gorgeously disorientating slice of freeform campfire folk that creaks, caresses, ebbs and flows with a particular fetching and distractive air tripped tenderly with wafts of harmonic interplays overlain across flurries of shimmering acoustics which we suspect fans of both the Virgin Passages and Animal Collective will no doubt lap up by the bucket load" [Mark Barton, Losing Today]

UK: £3.00

EU: €5.50

US: $8.50

By Chance Upon Waking CD
(Pickled Egg Records, Egg 57CD)

"Everything comes together on Nalle's debut to produce some of the best music I've heard in years. The instrumentation is wonderful and Tuulikki's voice, which falls somewhere between Bjork and Austria's Gustav, are absolute perfection. I can't get over just how amazing this record is. Nalle's debut is easily the best thing I've heard in 2006 thusfar, and I reckon it's going to be hard for anything to come close to it. The highest of recommendations" [ Brad Rose, Foxy Digitalis]

"Nalle is the Finnish word for teddy bear or little bear and as this gatefold card cover is adorned with Hanna Tuulikki's exquisite drawings of bears, trees and more, I'm sold on it at once! Nalle play an exotic selection of stringed and percussive instruments in a style that's tinged with hints of North African, Eastern & Northern European musics. You might call this "folk", although that falls short of describing the beguiling noise they make together. Pinning Hanna's voice down in a few words is the hardest part of all... at once she can sound childlike and as though she's a conduit for some ancient force from the depths of a stone-age well! Nalle have something unique to offer. That's a rare thing and this album is one to cherish" [John Cavanagh, BBC Radio Scotland]

"Though this tripped-out trio are based in Glasgow, their sound is quite otherworldly. Vocalist Hanna Tuulikki sounds like Björk’s little sister baked on some kind of pleasant and slightly scary psychedelic pixie dust. She also reminds me a bit of Joanna Newsom, she plays kantele, and flutes. Aby Vulliamy adds viola, and Chris Hladowski, bouzouki, and clarinet. They also make very different music together in Scatter and The One Ensemble of Daniel Padden. Here they make sounds that recall Six Organs of Admittance, Islaja, John Fahey, Faun Fables, and a few others. Has the feel of some sort of magical sacred folk music from several different regions of the world played at once; while being very personal and utterly idiosyncratic" [George Parsons, Dream Magazine]

"Like crystalline icicles falling to terra firma, Nalle’s music is haphazard but startling and naturally beautiful. Using kantele, flutes, viola, bouzouki and clarinet they perform an elfin, itinerant avant-gypsy-folk. A hint of Stina Nordenstam’s delicateness enwraps Diamanda Galas abrasiveness in Hanna Tuulikki’s haunting, astonishing vocal. Appearing from hedgerows, skipping and singing in England and Finnish, this is often music of long isolation suddenly set free" [The Vanity Project]

"Nalle works their way through a stunning amalgam of folk, psyche, improv and drone. Slow-strumming, madrigal-esque folk mutations, somewhat in the vein of Fursaxa, long notes hanging suspended in the air like mean, mystical old albatrosses. A masterclass in drone, teasing blissful feedback textures from bowed bouzouki, clarinet, and a fine array of pedals" [Ben Haggar, Plan B]

'Sunne Song' (MP3)
'Iron's Oath' (MP3)
'New Roots' (MP3)

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UK: £10.00

EU: €15.00

US: $18.00


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