The One Ensemble

The One Ensemble started life as the solo project of Volcano the Bear’s Daniel Padden, but after two albums it became a live band, taking Padden’s experimental folk and expanding it into a fuller, more orchestrated sound. Under Padden's leadership, the ensemble developed a curious and strident brew of Eastern European folk, chamber music, a pinch of Robert Wyatt and some kind of earthy psychedelic primitivism.

Recent albums have included ‘Other Thunders’ "An inspired blend of the ominous and the scuzzy…The One Ensemble goes from strength to strength." (The Wire) and ‘Dummy Jim’ "Daniel Padden and his cohorts have created a kaleidoscopic collision of traditional Anglo-folk, free jazz, drone, and deep-seated eccentricity that sounds like absolutely no one else." (Brainwashed)


(Pickled Egg Records, Egg79CD)

Bolder and more dynamic than previous albums, it showcases The One Ensemble‘s ability to combine thrilling live playing with compositional elegance, shifting between hard-nosed rhythmic workouts and string miniatures, between wayward waltzes and open-throated song.

Oriole features the core quartet of Shane Connolly (drums and percussion), Peter Nicholson (cello), Daniel Padden (guitar) and Aby Vulliamy (viola and accordion).

Oriole is released on CD by Pickled Egg, and on vinyl by AltVinyl

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oriolemix from Daniel Padden on Vimeo.

UK: £10.00

EU: €15.00

US: $18.00