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"Good to get another record out, to stand behind a backbeat. The holy dropping of the needle in the groove is a ceremony i'm glad to be a part of. I feel that way when I'm up the glasgow art school disco - born to boogie through my shoe and through the medium of media tedium. Spotlight on the first-rate club "divine" - its occasional intervention in my saturday nights percolates the second verse of a song i wrote called wonder understand. I like to celebrate the power of the thwack of a track, dancefloors charged by plastic grooves filled with latent energy - like athletic burt lancaster in academic spectacles"

"I've written a lot of songs now - their recording & appearance limited by finance but here we are standing front & centre & I'd like to think I got me a sound. Back in bezerkeley Berkeley studios with my ex-outfit The Wow Kafe shallow were the actions of the children of man & I d idn't Marc the tone to call my own fuzz glam hologram - Bill was the Legend on that one. But left to my own devices I probably would & here 'tis"

"A lot of Kafe stuff in particular sounds good to me still. In its purest form it's the sound of a city I wouldn't mind inhabiting, away from the smoked glass & too bright white light harshing your bus and buzz of espresso bongos and the timeless tom waits percussive hubcap symphonies, winter morning honeycombed, old wood lit by light & metropolitan metal golden grey. It's taken a little time to re-enable the feet thru the royster beat. Ask my friend Douglas, he'll know about this: I used to pack the song suitcase with words neither I nor anyone else was gonna use on the beach, conotation contortion that would've made Costello reach for his Revolver to turn off his mind, relax & float downstream. Life is still that way sometimes. But I hope you like the sounds"

Roy plays a gig in Hamburg on Saturday 5th November. See the live page for details


Ferme la Bouche 7" EP
(Pickled Egg Records, Egg 53)

Described by Rough Trade as "a fantastic songwriter from Glasgow", the story behind Roy Moller’s new single is something of an alternative history of Glasgow pop. Roy has contributed to Stevie Jackson-authored Belle & Sebastian songs such as 'Seymour Stein', 'Chickfactor', 'Travelin' Light' & 'Roy Walker' (named after him). Stevie has returned the favour by co-producing 'First You Fall In Love' and 'Speak When I’m Spoken To' on this EP, maintaining a tradition established by Roy's first single, 'Maximum Smile', released on Hamburg's Felicite Singles Club in 2003. Stevie also plays guitar on these tracks, which also feature Belle & Sebastian's Bob Kildea on bass. Moller seductively draws together the varying strands of West Coast pop and 60's shimmer, and when aligned to his frail strokes of melodic classicism, radiate with such warmth and disarming guile as to have you breathless. Roy’s way with melodies and harmony has earned him comparisons to Paul McCartney and the Beach Boys, as well as Ray Davies, and perhaps inevitably, Belle & Sebastian.

"Former Meth OD man returns with a goodie bag of newly penned classically tinged pop. ‘Ferme la Bouche’ features three sublime master class cuts of drifting wide-eyed West Coast shimmer pop that opens with the exquisitely crafted ‘First you fall in love’ that hazily beams with an alarmingly hip swinging British pop psychedelia mentality rather than the usual West Coast vibe that seems to be the happening thing these days and blessed with a catchy as hell late 60’s summer tang a la Traffic / Spencer Davis Group (‘Here we go round the Mulberry Bush’) and replete with enough sultry sun baked keys as to have the most ardent retro aficionado cooing in delight. Flip the disc for the ultra cool ‘Leave it well alone’ – softly baked to such a point that its not until its over that its charms hit you straight in the face as though some kind of delayed reaction is at force. And well ‘Speak when I’m spoken to’ what can I say, by far the best of the pack, if this doesn’t suck you in and have you falling head over heels in love then by rights you shouldn’t own a record player, remember the Busy Signals kaleidoscopic psyche pop being teased and tousled by elements of softly stirring top drawer lounge as found on ‘Baby’s first beats’ well magnify that ten fold, add in an army of serenading strings, melting arrangements and the euphoric pop brain of Pete ‘look I know how create a memorable epic to floor the listener’ Wylie and you have a cut so irresistibly fetching and sun dazed you swear the wax its cut into is melting" [Mark Barton, Losing Today]

'First You Fall in Love' (MP3)
'Leave it Well Alone' (MP3)

UK: £3.00

EU: €5.00

US: $7.00


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