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"We're not quiet because we don't like being loud... it's just these are intimate songs, melodies that seep into your heart and head like a... bad hangover"

"I think I say things in my songs that I just can't or wouldn't say in the everyday. They are very personal but they're not specific or literal. But that song, 'The Moving Air', I think that is trying to express the situation of a person trying to hold on but wanting to let go. At the same time!! Sort of like equal parts hope and despair"

Thus speaks Graham Langley, singer, guitarist and songwriter with 'quiet' Nottingham-based quartet with jazz and classical backgrounds, who really don't sound at all like Low... SavoyGrand. Lest we not forget also... Oli Mayne (Bass/Vibraphone), Kieran O'Riordan (Percussion) and Ian Sutton (Trumpet/Organ/Piano).


'The Moving Air / Millions of People' 7"
(Pickled Egg Records Egg 9)

Debut release from the Nottingham-based quartet, and purveyors of slow, minimalist, fragile, emotional and highly inventive jazz influenced pop.

"The Moving Air has a spacious arrangement for string quartet and the vocal reminded me a bit of Dominic Waxing Lyrical in restrained mood...as though Dominic had recorded a track on the first This Mortal Coil album. Millions Of People has another sparse, atmospheric backing but this time the strings are replaced by something more along the lines of Transona Five or International Aiport. Once again the vocals soar high with that poignant, aching quality. Mood music for late evening, I'd say" [John Cavanagh, BBC Radio Scotland]

" It was the demo that did it, the minimalism on the sleeve a precursor to the carefully nurtured silence on the tape where, as in a Mondrian painting, white space is balanced and enclosed by a thread-like lattice and occasional density, the overall composition being as important as the prominence of any one component.... meticulous arrangements where every last note has to say something or is cut" [Jimmy Possession, Robots & Electronic Brains]

"Desperately sparse, emotionally primed... theirs is a high-quality melancholy, devoid of maudlin whining" [Victoria Segal, NME]

"Strings creep in, and a man who routinely pens lines as fine as 'Hold the line/Help me out of a lifelong dive/Headlong into what might have been' begins a study on yearning, regret and dismay. The cruel trick of hope is exposed. A cello emits a stately groan of hope. It's all quite devastating. Single of the week, if it weren't all so damn sunny" [Kitty Empire, NME]

'The Moving Air' (WAV)

UK: 3.00

EU: 5.00

US: $7.00



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