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A large Glaswegian ensemble with a somewhat fluid membership, Scatter create music to spite those who classify sound into genres. There’s a lot of brass instrumentation (over some fairly swinging rhythms), but you wouldn’t call them jazz; there is a proliferation of voices and acoustic instruments, though you wouldn’t call them folk; but there are flourishes of stranger sounds - electronics, vocal babbling, and odd percussion - as well as ethnic/rock leanings. At their core Scatter are a glowing ball of musical energy; the clatter of various instruments are layered to create their dialogue.


Surprising Sing Stupendous Love CD
(Pickled Egg Records, Egg 52CD)

"Where most free music is partisan and dogmatic, happy to play to the gallery and perpetuate internally inscribed dialogues, Scatter effortlessly reconcile freedom and composition. Instead of compromising their output, the group's tactics bolster the character of their aesthetic cross-readings. 'National Magick' moves from watery flutes and a limber motorikpulese to a rembetika-inspired melody head, the group locking their instruments in formation. This combination of jazz-derived flexibility and bowdlerised traditional music comes on like the Sun Ra Archestra tackling the Sun City Girls' classic 'Torch of the Mystics' set. Scatter's brass players slur like a drunken Albert Ayler on 'Orbling', and make like brash, bolshy big bands storming uninvited into 'Make the Time'. Rejecting the party lines that dominate improvised music discourse, while simultaneously enlivening their songs by treating them as compliant forms, Scatter's music has a joyous emotional heft, that avoids the desiccated cliches restraining so much improvisation and composition" [Jon Dale, The Wire]

"Scatter rush at early 70's collective-style folk-jazz with great enthusiasm and loose skill. Their version of Sun Ra's 'Adventure Equation' is an inspired choice, bubbling with a true sense of the power of free music. Their own compositions, too, visit late 60's folk, Zorn's nu-klezmer, Cardew's scratch-orchestra avant-garde, 70's British radical spoken word, Joseph Byrd & The Field Hippies' anthing goes multitudinous commune psychedelia, and full-tilt freak-out cosmic rock, without ever landing on any of those planets long enough to get bored or learn how to do it 'properly'. They eat the enchanted stem, sure, but unlike Tennyson's lotus-eating sailors, they can still hear the sound of the sea, and they're itching to go someplace else almost as soon as they come ashore, tribal shuffle beats zigzagging through the waves; frailed sales flapping in the breaze" [Frances May Morgan, Plan B]

'Urban Conurban' (MP3)
'National Magick' (MP3)

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