Pickled Egg Records present:

Zukanican + Dragon or Emperor + Now

Sun March 5th
upstairs at Halli (formerly Bar Nova), Granby St, Leicester
tel: 0116 255 4667

Liverpool 6 piece Zukanican have been likened to an unholy hardcore collision between Can, The Soft Machine and Art Ensemble of Chicago. Theremin battery, skippy keys, s-bending bass, drill pattern drums, siren organ in continuum, other pulses muscling in on the action, a diversion into free-funk with sci-fi white noise cutting across. Their free-flowing improvisations, tasty Krautrock grooves and jazz flourishes, paint a huge aural canvas with thick layers of colours borrowed from such luminaries as John Coltrane, Sun Ra and Bablicon. Zukanicanís 10" mini album, E5number was released on Pickled Egg in 2003, and the groupís debut full-length album, Horse Republic, will be released later this year, also on Pickled Egg.

Dragon or Emperor are the awesome two-piece lightning-bolt drums & bass assault of Aaron Moore (Volcano the Bear, Songs of Norway) and Stewart Brackley (Black Carrot, Songs of Norway) on bass guitar/vocals. Somewhat akin to a geeky Lightning Bolt in charity shop suits loosening up and playing jazz, with additional manic Pere Ubu-style vocalisations. Aaron Moore beats absolute hell out of his drumkit, whilst the Brackley embarks on daring fretless excursions to the absolute edges of what constitutes a rhythm. An enormous sound that marries their intense mixture of fun and chaos.

Now are an East London based collective, whose style ranges from improvised sounds to rhythmic, dance-y, driving pop music (with a nod to Can and The Fall), and whose live sets often transform into extended percussive jams, in which the audience frequently participates. Their debut album, 'Frisbee Hot Pot', will be released on Pickled Egg in the late spring/early summer..

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